What should you know…

1_blackThe first step to finding the appropriate level of treatment is an assessment by a medical or substance use disorder professional.


2_blackTreatment is highly personal and occurs via many pathways. Treatments and supportive services for substance use disorders should be tailored to fit individual needs. For many people, the most effective approach often involves a combination of counseling and medication.  Some forms of treatment are tailored for specific populations such as youth or veterans.


3_blackTreatment may include: individual and group counseling; inpatient and residential treatment; intensive outpatient treatment; partial hospital programs; case or care management; medication; recovery support services; 12-step fellowship and/or peer supports




4_blackIf your loved one is not ready to accept help, you can begin this process by getting educated on the options available and by finding support services for yourself. It is important to take good care of yourself. Sometimes families suffer alongside a loved one for many years and through many relapses, but remember treatment is effective and people do recover.


5_blackTreatment is effective and people recover and go on to lead healthy and happy lives. Millions of your peers are in recovery.