Dear Friend:

You live in a wonderful community filled with pride. I am glad to work alongside many other dedicated community
members to help connect you to the resources you may need for yourself or a loved one.

Recovery is built on values that every community can be proud of – things like honesty, gratefulness, helping
a neighbor in need, harnessing the resources within a community to promote healthy behavior, generosity
and love, love of oneself and of one’s community. It is a critical component of a community because all
communities need a healing process of some sort. New Hampshire is healing from the epidemic of addiction,
and recovery is a solution to the many issues addiction brings to our community.

Steps to finding the right recovery services for yourself or a friend include calling a recovery community center
and talking with a recovery coach. Talk to your primary care provider about what treatment is available.
Call your insurance company and ask what options are covered. Attend a 12-step meeting in your area. Talk
to your spiritual and/or religious leaders about faith-based programs. Research online the success rates and
consumer ratings of all treatment and recovery programs. Lastly, don’t give up; there is a solution for you
and/or a loved one that will work for you.

There are over 23 million Americans in recovery — that is true, living evidence that treatment is effective, and
recovery is a reality.

I wish you all the best as you find your path to recovery. Remember to be an advocate for yourself, and look
for help when you need it. We are fortunate to have many support services in the region, and we hope that
this guide will help you to navigate them.