Prevention Works! …But we have to work on it! The Greater Manchester region has a rich history of digging deep and developing solutions designed to allow our communities to thrive. Recently we have found ourselves in one of our greatest challenges with the addiction epidemic. All of our substance misuse continuum of care partners from Physical and Mental Health, Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery have been called into action to address the challenges and begin the important work of finding ways to address the epidemic’s effects on our families, our neighborhoods or region.

Prevention is built on the belief that everyone plays a role in the development and continued vigilance towards educated, informed, healthy communities. Prevention can be as simple as talking – honestly and openly talking to our children to let them know that we care and are open to discussions around substance misuse. Educating yourself around the warning signs of someone at risk and how to connect those at risk to help – that’s prevention. In each community sector you will find prevention efforts underway. Schools are working to incorporate substance misuse education opportunities throughout the learning curriculum. Parent and
community groups are scheduling prevention education sessions to help inform and offer opportunities for open discussion. Screening and brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) is being adopted at many of the physician offices. This important screening tool allows individuals at risk to get connected to services early. Our continuum of care partners along with our core community sectors of Health, Government, Education, Business, Safety/Law Enforcement and Community/Family are collectively bringing their expertise to regional efforts of the continuum of care initiative and our public health network.

We have made tremendous strides over the past several months. Collaboration is up; individual and organizational involvement is on the rise. Our region has truly rolled up its collective sleeves and put the substance misuse continuum of care into motion. Which brings us to the guide. The organizations identified in this guide, are here to serve the community and are looking at proactive ways to work together. Please look through the guide, and use it as your compass in this difficult time to help navigate through whatever
challenges you may be facing.